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crop samples is a thing I’ll send to you to read every few weeks or so, on a Friday, and my aim when I’m writing these is to offer a bit of a pause from the day-to-day (quite often by stewing in the day-to-day, weirdly), a moment to consider a thing or have a thing wash through you, and with any luck, it’s a welcome, brief bit of reading.

This doesn’t really answer why you should subscribe. It’s likely you’re here either because you know a little something about me and my work already, or you are a writer or a Substack user trying to find like-minded types to follow along with. I’ll post on here about my latest work or about writing or about what’s happening the world or what I’m reading or noticing, and maybe those are a few reasons to subscribe as well.

And if you feel moved to respond, you can reply to my missive, or you can add a comment to a crop sample on my Substack page, or click that little heart. It’s good to know you’re out there.



I also write pysanky, and I might send you a photo or two of these little wish-carriers from time to time.

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Laurie D. Graham

Poet type. My books are Rove, Settler Education, and Fast Commute.