Scant sentences in honour of March

February 2023

Two books by Jan Zwicky, and a brief interview

January 2023

An interregnum on how we dwell

December 2022

On Dionne Brand’s “Nomenclature for the Time Being”

November 2022

On Myrna Kostash’s new book, Ghosts in a Photograph

October 2022

Nurturing the world that surrounds a book

September 2022

Postering for some September events

August 2022

Sentences for Stan

July 2022

"The abundance of berries goes to the birds—for, what use are berries to the tree other than a way to make relationships with birds?" — Robin Wall…
On magpies, moving, and subversive genealogy

June 2022

A prose ramble, a closing, one last long look
Remembering the old, navigating the new