What a situation, and one so many of us find ourselves in -- caregiving, in a pandemic, with personal resources and a public safety net that were stretched thin even before covid. I wish the best for you, and your aunts, as this plays out. And I wish I had a trove of jokes to provide! The best I can come up with is one my friend's kid recently shared, along with peals of truly satisfying 5-year-old-kid belly laughter: What's brown and sticky? ...A stick.

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Naomi’s favourite (or perhaps the one she remembers) is “Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn’t peeling well”. My favourite of this Dad joke variety is “I was going to tell you a time travelling joke, but you didn’t like it”

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Here's one from my dear grandpa, long since departed

Q: If Mississippi and Virginia threw a party, what would Delaware?

A: Idaho, but Alaska!

Hope the visit went well and your Aunt is happy.

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